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Working from home? CBD Bath bombs a must!

Toss a CBD (cannabidiol) Bath Bomb into the tub filled with hot water. Within a few minutes your pores open. The benefits of CBD kick in and you shake off the stress of working from home (WFH). Incidentally, the silver lining of WFH is that you can stop your day at any time and take a relaxing bath taken to the next level with CBD Bath Labs bath bomb. No, you can’t do that back in the traditional office!

How Are You Feeling?

Every day I connect with women and men WFH. They share with me what research by Qualtrics documented: The majority of those WFH experience anxiety.

What has been your specific triggers for general anxiety or a full-blown anxiety attack?

  • Unsure how your employer is evaluating how you’re doing. Yes. No.

  • Too many Zoom meetings. Yes. No.

  • Having to do what administrative staff used to handle. Yes. No.

  • Not being able to connect the dots on what colleagues are really thinking. Yes. No.

  • Difficulty with childcare. Yes. No.

  • Missing the companionship of the office. Yes. No.

  • Loss of boundaries between work and personal life. Yes. No.

  • Fear no face time can impede your shot at a promotion. Yes. No.

  • Being alone with your thoughts (monsters of the mind). Yes. No.

  • Possibility of becoming infected with coronavirus. Yes. No.

If You Had Six “Yes” Answers

From my experience, if you answered “yes” to six of these, you’re beyond the mid-point on the anxiety continuum. That means you could be having trouble concentrating, starting/stopping work, managing your moods, not overeating, and sleeping/staying asleep. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) also confirms that. According to the ADAA, 72 percent of people experiencing anxiety found it interfered with just about every aspect of their lives.

Don’t assume all this emotional distress will go poof “once things go back to normal.” That is when you go back to the office, more and more experts predict that’s not going to happen. The office of the past is not coming back. Not the way it was.

Instead there will be WFH, all the time, a lot of the time, or some of the time. Yes, some version of WFH is going to be permanent. What you’re doing now during the pandemic will be the Future of Work.

CBD Lets You Bypass the Prescription Medication Loop

The healthcare community is alarmed, reports The Wall Street Journal, by the surge in the number of people popping prescription medication for anxiety during these stressful times. For example, Express Scripts had more than a 34 percent increase in orders for anti-anxiety drugs. That’s scary because those taking them can become hooked on them. Let’s put it this way: The pandemic can put in play a new kind of prescription drug epidemic. CBD isn’t addictive, it is a chemical found naturally in hemp plants and differs from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Hemp plants are cannabis plants that contain less than .03 percent THC, while marijuana plants are cannabis plants that contain higher concentrations of THC.THC, which is also derived from hemp plants, creates a “high.” What scientists know about CBD is that it stimulates those connections in the brain related to your mental balance. One is the neurotransmitter serotonin, low levels of serotonin are associated with anxiety. Dopamine, GABA, and the Hippocampus are a few others. There’s more! CBD can also be a tool for your brain to actually grow new neurons and neural connections that may heal earlier damage and help protect the brain from new damage. Yes, you’re back in control.

CBD Bath Bombs Do All That Better and Faster

There are a variety of ways to use CBD. It can be ingested orally, vaporized/smoked, or applied as a topical but when combined with hot water, as in the tub, CBD takes on another dimension. That’s often called the “CBD Glow.” Another way of thinking of it is as an almost euphoric experience. The relaxation is so intense that it allows you to “let go.” The phenomenon happens because the blood flow increases and the pores open. CBD rushes into the bloodstream. If you want to push the boundaries of what the CBD bath bomb can accomplish for you create an "at home spa". Introduce lighting that is soothing, burn incense, play music in the background, bring your favorite adult beverage with you.

Our Mission Is Universal Affordabability

Our mission at CBD Bath Labs has been to make CBD bath bombs affordable. That’s because we know the bath bomb is a must-use in these ever-changing uncertain times. WFH is just an exceedingly small part of the new order of things which is unfolding around the world. Here you can take a peek at the prices and actually place an order. The Mandarin Orange Bath Bomb with an intensity of 100 will cost you about the same or less than a McDonalds Premium McWrap Grilled Chicken Meal and a Latte and make you feel OH SO GOOD! According to Everything Finance, a visit to a day spa starts at about $100.

You Are in Charge

It’s not magical thinking that WFH can go your way. Here is a list of how using CBD bath bombs could possibly transport you into feeling no future lag in the new world of work:

  • At one with the ever-changing environment

  • Reading social cues right, even though filtered by technology

  • Not exhausted

  • Taking breaks without guilt

  • Asking for feedback when assessment seems ambiguous

  • Not going through a week of food in a few days

  • No longer being on edge

  • Confident

  • Falling asleep at night and staying asleep.

We Can Give the World CBD Bath Bombs

There was that iconic Coca-Cola commercial. The children sing that they wish they can give the world a Coca-Cola. We don’t have to wish that we can give the world CBD bath bombs. We have made the price right so that the world can afford these must haves.

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